We care for our Environment

At SNAP Car Wash we believe it’s our responsibility not only to care for your car but also for the environment.

At SNAP we have spent tens of thousands of dollars developing the most environmentally friendly processes and use the most up to date technology to maintain our integrity as market leaders in the carwash industry as well as leaders in leading a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

In this current works everyone understands the importance of keeping our environment clean and healthy so here at SNAP we have developed the following processes that are implemented and running at all our locations.

All the water that we use flows into tanks which then get treated using sophisticated technology to remove the toxins and oils before being released back into the environment.The high pressure professional grade nozzles and pumps that we use mean the water usage per car is as low as you can get for a carwash.

At SNAP car wash we use up to 10 times less water than a car that has been washed at home by hand. A car washed at home is also going to mean that all the grease and dirt from the car as well as the soap and chemicals used will either go directly into stormwater or your garden.

The ACWA (Australian Car Wash Association) is pushing to try and get state governments to incentivise people to use commercial car washes that have less of an environmental footprint.

At SNAP we also contribute towards a carbon fund to make sure we are carbon neutral, as part of running a business we have electricity costs and other things that in normal course of business have a carbon footprint. So we contribute towards a carbon neutral fund annually.

Do you have a great idea to help us on our journey towards being more environmentally friendly? We are always open to new suggestions, why not contact us now and let us know your thoughts? Click here for the Contact Us and leave your suggestions.